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Interstallar - some interesting ideas, and truly excellent visuals and F/X, great performances but a muddled and emotionally manipulative plot and cop-out of a climax.

Big Hero 6 - a teenage superhero team origin story that rises above it's own clichés to be quite enjoyable. The robot hero is adorable.

The Judge - another excellent performance by Robert Duvall and a fairly restrained Robert Downey Jr. make this an excellent Father/Son drama with a bit of courtroom suspense thrown in.

Gone Girl - Amazing performance by Rosamund Pike who may or may not have been murdered by her husband Ben Affleck. The film does a great job of condensing the movie into an acceptable mystery/thriller but suffers from the poor plot resolution of the original source.

Guardians of the Galazy - this was available streaming so I watched it after having seen it twice in the theater this past summer. A step above the average superhero-team movie where the main characters are given a certain amount of depth and interesting relationships while they chase their McGuffin and face the (fairly pedestrian) Bad Guy.

Thinking about it, I wish Duvall was getting more recognition for The Judge (outside this thread, anyway).