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Originally Posted by Skammer View Post
Guardians of the Galazy - this was available streaming so I watched it after having seen it twice in the theater this past summer. A step above the average superhero-team movie where the main characters are given a certain amount of depth and interesting relationships while they chase their McGuffin and face the (fairly pedestrian) Bad Guy.<snip>
My complaint about Guardians of the Galazy is the same one I have about a lot of movies these days - I feel like I should have a book with me while watching, so I can read for a bit while the action/chase scenes go on for about two and a half years.

We went to see John Wick this weekend. If you like action movies with lots of fight scenes, revenge movies, and/or Keanu Reeves, I would recommend this movie. If you're looking for high-brow entertainment, not so much. I give it a three out of five.

Once again, I'm going to come to Keanu Reeves' defense as an actor - he knows his limitations, and stays well within them.