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Originally Posted by mr. jp View Post
Thanks for this summary. I have to admit I cant really work my unknown person into this anymore. It was strained already. So then I guess they were both involved.
At this point, I no longer think it's a possibility that Jay wasn't involved. However, I think I'm back to entertaining the idea that Jay did it on his own, no Adnan required.

I also think Jen is covering some things up. Something I've seen mentioned a couple of places is that both Jen and Jay and insist that Jay left her place at around 3:40 on the day of the murder, despite the call records showing that calls were placed to her house from the cell phone before that. It looks like Jay might have asked her at some point, "Hey, how about you give me an alibi for the time up until 3:40", not knowing that the phone records would contradict it. And once she had testified to that, they were sort of stuck with that story.