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Originally Posted by mr. jp View Post
But that would imply that he had the idea to try and frame Adnan before the cops even talked to him, right? It doesnt seem likely to me that he had this idea, and amazingly managed to pull it off too. Plus Adnan could just as easily have had a solid alibi at that point, or at least have a clear memory of what happened that day.
Yeah, it would make Jay just about the luckiest murderer ever, to pull it off. But it's not impossible.

As for framing Adnan, maybe the detectives mentioned something about looking into Adnan when first talking to Jen, and that's where the idea came from. She could have realized that Adnan was the prime suspect.

Although, again, we have the other obvious problems:

Jay's motive? No idea. I still don't buy the "stepping out" stuff, it just seems far fetched and completely unsupported. Besides, this is high school. If Hae knew about Jay cheating on Stephanie, a lot of people would know. Jay would have to shoot up the entire school, not just strangle one person.

How would Jay get to Hae between her leaving school and the time she was supposed to pick up her cousin? No idea. Would she have stopped if Jay flagged her car down? Doesn't seem likely. Maybe, though.