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Just saw 42, the recent Jackie Robinson biopic, which was pretty good. I'd give it a B+. The abuse Robinson put up with from racist ballplayers and fans was pretty horrendous; Chadwick Boseman played him with a quiet, determined dignity that was very appealing, but you could also see his hunger to win. Harrison Ford chewed the scenery with great gruff enthusiasm as Branch Rickey, the Dodgers GM who put Robinson in the majors. It's a very good-looking movie, too: the late Forties ballparks, uniforms, clothes and cars are all first-rate.

Favorite line:
The racist St. Louis Cardinals coach is taunting one of Robinson's teammates and asks, "How's it feel to be a nigger's nigger?"

The Dodger replies, "I dunno, Ben - how's it feel to be a redneck piece of shit?"