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Originally Posted by Emtar KronJonDerSohn View Post
And I'd be interested to know under which statute in which jurisdiction he might be arrested for "sexual harassment."
Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
Which law does the OP think Trump has broken? Please be specific and also check statute of limitations. Hint: The recently reviewed video is form 11 years ago.
Listen you two, I stated that I am not a lawyer, and was asking those here more knowledgable than I what the law and statute of limitations is. If you have answers to my questions fine. If you don't then say so.

Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
I don't think he has said anywhere that the actions were not consensual (quite the opposite actually) or that he improperly used a position of power to get consent; it was I "just kiss em, they let me cause I am rich and famous" as opposed to "gimme a blowjob if you want to stay on". (and yes, it would not surprise me if he has done that, but this recording is not this)
You're wrong. He specifically stated that he went after Nancy O'Dell "heavy" but she rebuffed him. That certainly does not sound consensual to me. Does that mean he grabbed or groped her? No, but he did say that is something he does.

Also, Jill Harth testified that Trump did do that type of thing to her. Are you going to spin that as somehow consensual as well?

Based on what I have read, and heard from Trump's own mouth, I consider him a sexual predator. Does what he has admitted to rise to the level of criminal activity, I think so, but again, read carefully: I am not a lawyer.