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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Sorry, but it IS irrelevant to these sorts of discussion. The thread is about what makes Dems left or far left...not where we compare to Europe. Why does it matter where Europe stands on an issue when we are talking about Americans and American voters?
For example, Poland's two parties are both conservative-one being a Catholic nationalist party and the other a liberal conservative free market party. It seems to me it'd make sense in that example to compare the Polish party system internationally rather than just arbitrarily deem one of those parties left and another right.

Again, does Europe use the US as it's yardstick? Answer...not a fucking chance.
Many Europeans have done so, especially when we at the forefront of such policies as abolishing property qualifications for voting.

Canada doesn't use the US as it's yardstick either. Nor should they. Why should we? Answer...we shouldn't. And, frankly, most Americans (who aren't American members of this board) don't. They don't give a shit where our middle stacks up against Canada's whatever, or that our left wing is right wing in Europe. It's irrelevant. No one gives a shit. What matters is where it stacks up in our own system and with our own voters who, you know, actually vote in America.
How about comparisons to America's own past then? I'd be less concerned with international left/right comparisons (which I do agree can be overblown) if those people wouldn't make arguments about the inherent virtues of centrism.
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