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Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Man View Post
It’s not entirely fictional. There have already been cases of trans-women (or men who say that they’re women, depending on your point of view) being given access to female spaces and committing sexual assaults that absolutely wouldn’t have occurred if they hadn’t been granted access to those spaces.
Sure. Just like there are lesbians who have raped other women. But... we don't force them into men's prisons, and we don't demand they stop using women-only spaces. And we definitely don't use that as a reason to discriminate against all lesbians...

...I mean, we don't anymore. Exactly these arguments were used in the 70s to argue that lesbians shouldn't be allowed in women's spaces because they were dangerous. They're based on the exact same bullshit assumptions, the exact same discriminatory rhetoric.

The question, as usual, has to be taken in terms of population averages. Are transwomen, on average, more or less dangerous? Individual cases don't help us here. The case of Karen White is tragic for her victims, but tells us about as much about how safe transwomen are in women's spaces as this article tells us about how safe lesbians are in women's spaces.

Christ, no wonder Una doesn't post here any more.