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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Okay. So there's the theory. You can list a non-trivial number of reasons why transwomen might have a competitive advantage over women.


And every time that happens, without fail, someone tries to take that individual success as proof that transwomen have an unfair advantage. And the evidence just isn't there.
Might. Sure. I posted more than a theory. You asked for evidence and I provided it. It's strong evidence, at that. But to you it's just not there.

We know there are tons of advantages men have... But we also know that HRT leads to many massive changes in physiology
We also know that it fails to lead to massive changes in physiology that make a difference in athletics. You're smart enough to see it, you either choose not to or hate to admit it.

I have no idea if Mary Gregory has an unfair advantage over the other women participating.
Sure you don't. You have no idea if someone that lived into his 40s and began weight training while a man has and transitioned to a woman has an advantage in a sport consisting mostly of pure strength has an advantage over other women. I have a hard time believing that you have no idea.

You didn't respond to this:

You seem to put a lot of stock in what the IOC claims, so why does it take you being charitable to think Gregory should have waited the two years? How long do you think one should wait when competing in a strength event?