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Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Man View Post
What does that have to do with my point? iiandyiiii said the fear expressed by many women that allowing self-certified trans people into their spaces will increase their chances of being assaulted was “entirely fictional”. My point was that it’s not entirely fictional, as my example showed.
(Bolding mine)

Citing one individual rapist does nothing to show this. If transwomen are less likely than ciswomen to commit sexual assault, then this individual rapist does not make your argument. Stop looking at individual outliers, look for actual data.

Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Man View Post
Cite that anyone anywhere has ever had that discussion.
Really? Were you like... asleep during all of the 2000s? Actually finding the headlines in question is quite difficult, but I guarantee I'm not the only one who's seen or heard of people being threatened by gay people in gendered locker rooms. Seriously. Like, Miller, you were awake at some point between Stonewall and now, right?

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