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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I didn't say anything of the sort. Their gender is irrelevant -- that they allegedly assaulted people is very bad, but treating trans people like humans doesn't make assault more likely. The problem in that case, apparently, was putting a predator in a position, without proper supervision/oversight, in which they could get away with doing terrible things. That has nothing to do with gender identity, and probably plenty to do with the serious problems in our corrections system.
But if you allow people access to female spaces on the basis of a simple self-certification (such as genderqueer people who feel more like a woman on a given day, for example) then you’re also allowing predators who’ve no compunction about just flat-out lying about such things the same privilege. You’re giving them easier access to those spaces, access which they have to work much harder for at the moment. For women who (for understandable reasons) are uncomfortable around men, and who have absolutely no way to tell the difference between genuine trans people and lying predators, this can be very troubling. It’s not a concern that can just be hand-waved away by calling these women bigots and haters and TERFS or whatever.

What, specifically, other than “suck it up, buttercup”, would you actually say to those women to convince them that this is a good idea?

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