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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Sure it could have occurred. A dishonest perv can pretend to be a transwoman, or a transman (or a ciswoman or cisman, for that matter), to gain access to their preferred targets, depending on the "rules". This doesn't change because transwomen are allowed to use locker rooms. Liars will lie, and pervs will perv, whatever the rules.
But then shouldn't this lead to the conclusion that women only spaces are utterly unnecessary?

Because I'm not arguing that transwomen in women only spaces is clearly a problem. I'm arguing that if there's actually a problem wrt the presence of men in some spaces (be it safety or simply prudishness or whatever else), then the access of people stating that they identify as a woman despite not having a woman make up is also a legitimate concern.

If it doesn't matter who enters a locker room because anyway pervs will find ways to do their perv things and this is addressed by existing laws about pervs and perv things, and women have no valid reason to be bothered by the unwanted sight of a dick, then I'm not sure why the solution advocated shouldn't be to make to make these spaces coed, period.
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