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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Really? Were you like... asleep during all of the 2000s? Actually finding the headlines in question is quite difficult, but I guarantee I'm not the only one who's seen or heard of people being threatened by gay people in gendered locker rooms. Seriously. Like, Miller, you were awake at some point between Stonewall and now, right?
Here's a conversation on the subject from 2013.

Another from the same year.

A Quora question about why lesbians are allowed in women's locker rooms but not straight men. That's from 2015.

A story from 2003 about an 8th grade girl who identifies as a lesbian not being allowed to change with the other girls in her gym class.

A page at over whether queer people in general (not just trans people) should be allowed to use the same locker room as everyone else. Lots of comments there about people not wanting to be "ogled" by other people while they're showering.

This Teen Vogue article from 2017, "Top 10 Lesbian Myths Debunked" starts with, "Lesbians are looking at you in the locker room."

A forum post from 2014 from a woman who doesn't want to share a locker room with a lesbian.

This undated article from "NewsMachete" ( ) uses the transgender bathroom debate as a launching point to argue that lesbians should be required to use the men's room, so they don't creep on the straight ladies. Given the stories it references, it appears to be from around 2015.

Another forum post from 2016 wondering if gay people should be allowed in locker rooms with straight people.

So, yeah, that's not an uncommon sentiment by any means, even today.