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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
Let people have all the urges they want. Semiautomatics just make it a lot easier for them to put their urges into lethal action with high efficiency.
Easier? Do you think theses shootings are about efficiency? These are fantasies played out. The guns are for their excitement and your benefit. thanks to powerful home computers it's life imitating art.

Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
Columbine was a bombing, in the sense that the killers brought bombs. It turns out their homemade explosives weren't nearly as dangerous as their off-the-shelf firearms.
Again, all of this was for their entertainment. If efficiency was their goal it would have been far worse but probably less entertaining. Take away the gun and something else would have been substituted to meet their needs.

Children have always had the capacity to kill. I carried a boy scout knife to school from the 3rd grade on. I made a foot long knife in shop class in high school. The rural schools had gun clubs. I learned to shoot at school (after hours).

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