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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
More to the point, if you take away all the guns in the world, ALL OF THEM, it doesn't reduce the urge to kill by any amount. Columbine would have been a bus driven through a classroom or a fire bombing or some other form of murder.
Are you seriously suggesting that, hypothetically, removing all guns would not change the incidence of mass murder like this one single bit? If so, you're completely delusional in disregarding the following evidence: the entire civilized world outside the US. The US suffered more school shootings in the first 19 weeks of this year -- weeks, not months or years -- than any other civilized country has had in its entire history, to the best of my knowledge. In a CDC study of gun violence affecting children, among the 12 OECD countries studied, the US had more childhood deaths from guns than all 11 other countries combined.

And the most dramatic difference between all those countries and the US is not in culture, or general crime rate, or any other notable statistic; it is entirely in the absence of the US-specific subculture of gun worship and the universal presence -- everywhere except in the US -- of strong gun laws. Ignoring this fact is just willful ignorance.