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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
If guns are useful for self-defense, then they're useful for murder as well. It's childish to pretend that it's just as easy to kill people without a gun as with one. If this were true, then military and police (and home defense and hunting, for that matter) would be just as effective without guns as with them, and that's just beyond stupid.
You can kill with a knife, a gun, a car, baseball bat, a can of gas, or an infinite number of tools. While a gun makes up one method to kill a person it is the lion's share of defensive tools. Police carry them for that reason.

You are blaming school shootings on the gun and not the person. If you take away the gun you're still left with the person and the reason behind the murders. It is not a rational act and will not go away if a tool is removed. Another tool will be used.

Violence is committed by people and you have to address it on that level.