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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
would it be safe to say you blame certain types of guns with the number killed per event and that by removing specific guns the numbers will go down?
No, not at all. I believe it's reasonable to talk about the types of guns that shooters are using, and what characteristics are most effective in killing people in certain circumstances.

Also, what current restrictions have been effective? For example, very few mass shootings involve fully automatic weapons, even though fully automatic weapons can be effective in indiscriminate killing (i.e. shooting into a crowd). This is because regulations and restrictions on fully automatic weapons have generally been effective in making these weapons rare and difficult to acquire.

These are the types of adult, complex discussions we can have about this complex issue. Not silliness about banning guns or "blaming the gun", but actual in-depth conversations about the technical characteristics of firearms and shootings in America. Such conversations may shed light on the type of policies that may have a chance at reducing the body counts of future deadly shootings.

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