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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Forget the notes. As of this post, I think it's clear that trying to discuss this with Magiver is a waste of time.
How is attacking a poster you disagree with useful in this discussion? do you think the kids who commit mass murder are respectful of their classmates? It seems to me that's what is lacking in the first place.

Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Another footnote: so is a hunk of enriched uranium. Or, more accurately, two finely machined hunks of enriched uranium that fit together perfectly to form a critical mass. Just inanimate metal. It's people that are the problem, right, not the inanimate metal? When do I get my enriched uranium? I'd like a side order of plutonium-239, too, please. It's just metal. As a law-abiding citizen, I just want to look at it and fondle it. What could possibly go wrong?
I don't think your atomic bomb rhetoric is a rational response.