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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
I can only speak for US culture but It seems much different than the 60's and 70's. I would say my parents were probably mature adults at 18 and that number gets pushed higher as time goes by. Obviously the family unit shifted from a 1 income to 2 income environment. Television is far more violent by many factors and video games are amazingly violent. I can remember being shocked at how realistic the blood and gore had gotten on TV and that was in the late 70's.

I'm not going to wax nostalgic but my childhood was much more...... subdued? Simpler? Less violent?
Okay, so what do you think modern Canada is like? The U.S. in 1970? Or another country that watches the exact same TV and movies as in the U.S., has seen the same economic changes as the U.S., and yet doesn't have weekly school shootings like the U.S.?

I suggest guns are pretty much the same, but for some reason Canadians don't use them to fulfill lethal fantasies and Americans do, hence considering taking guns away from Americans is worth considering.