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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
Perhaps a white person wouldn't be the best person to deliver a sermon on "toxic Asianness". Perhaps that would be a message better delivered by a member of that group, who has firsthand experience in the toxicity as well as the non-toxicity of the culture and thus can speak from a position of love and respect.

I probably wouldn't want to sit through a lecture about toxic femininity from a guy unless he was a well-respected feminist scholar. I probably wouldn't want to sit through a lecture about toxic African Americanness from a white person or a conservative black person. But all this means is that who the messager is is just as important as the message.
Maybe an aside but IMHO right off lecturing to and sermonizing to is likely ineffective no matter who does it. Effecting change usual requires active conversations with active listening as part of it. Finger wagging doesnít usually do much good.

But yes a member of group X can get away with saying things to those of X that those not X cannot. Specific to stereotypical masculine behaviors and expectations even male may not be enough. I, a highly educated liberal who cooks and works with children may not be enough in group to say some things in some ways effectively to some male crowds. If I am to sell them on the concept I need to say it in a way that gets a real conversation going.

Is that fact the ďfaultĒ of the audience? Donít care if it is. My goal is getting the concept understood and in service of that goal I should play the room. The room that matters is not filled with people already convinced, steeped in the academic literature.

And velocity be real. I can make certain Jewish jokes to a Jewish crowd that a WASP or a Black Muslim canít expect to be heard the same. A Black rapper can say a particular racially tinged word targeted at a person and I canít even say the word out loud to say it is a bad word without awareness that such may greatly offend.