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Originally Posted by Sleel View Post
Disguise yourself from a person who knows you well? Probably not. There’s not just appearance, but voice, stance, gait, mannerisms, etc. that would often give it away even with an otherwise foolproof disguise; and masks and such are not particularly convincing up close. If you can recognize someone from the sound of their footsteps, or as an earlier poster mentioned by the way they move and the sounds they make even at night when you can’t see any details, I think it would be really, really hard to convince someone who knows you at all well that you’re someone else entirely.
It's not impossible, it would just take alot of forethought and practice. Like I've mentioned before a few times, "a person who knows you well" is subjective. It might be alot more difficult to fool someone who's known you your entire life vs someone who's only known you for a few months. It also depends on the person doing the recognizing and how aware they are.


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