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Originally Posted by MrAtoz;21679621
Nevertheless, the [URL=""
conspiracy theories[/URL] are already coming out. Really, he lost in exactly the way that people have been predicting he might lose: someone else found the Daily Doubles.
Yeah, the conspiracy theories are just plain dumb. He didn't throw the game or anything like that. He just plain lost. It almost happened to him a week or so ago (and it should have happened to him then), but his opponent bid too timidly on a Daily Double and allowed James to catch up. A more aggressive wager and James would have been toast. Also mentioned, the trifecta of James hitting a $1000 Daily Double on the first play of the game, effectively turning it into an ordinary $1000 clue, and Emma hitting both Daily Doubles and betting reasonably aggressively in the second round was James's undoing.

James even got more questions right than Emma (25 vs 21) If he was trying to throw the game, he really wasn't doing a very good job of it. If James just hits one of those Daily Doubles in Double Jeopardy, or hits the first Daily Double with a bit of bankroll, Emma is toast.