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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I think it's a nice sounding slogan. But true dual sovereignty can't exist in reality. Two individual organizations can't be equally in charge of the same thing. There are going to be irreconcilable decisions and one organization has to have the final say. If it's not clear beforehand, there will be a crisis the first time such an irreconcilable situation arises which will be resolved either by one side conceded supremacy to the other or by the two sides splitting apart and establishing separate sovereignties.
There is the supremacy clause of the constitution. The Constitution is supreme, but it is of limited powers. The states are sovereign where there is no conflict with the Constitution, and enjoy plenary power. That's how our system of dual sovereignty works. Sovereignty didn't lose when put to a vote. The states ceded a portion of their sovereignty when ratifying the Constitution, however they retained their sovereignty in all matters not explicitly controlled by that document. Your assertion that state sovereignty lost is not consistent with the history of the country.