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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
Emma Boettcher hadn't seen James play. Her episode taped before his had aired on television. It's interesting that she had independently developed a similar game strategy.

Are you sure she hadn't seen him play? That contradicts what Alex explicitly said.

I did clock that she noticeably bristled when Alex stated the assumption that her "bet the farm" DD move was in imitation of James. She obviously wants to get credit for knowing what's up on her own.

Originally Posted by Lucas Jackson View Post
In a ESPN interview, James said that she just kept beating him to the buzzer.

Yeah, that's certainly how it looked.

Here's a different take on the buzzer thing. If they are going to make that aspect so important, why not let the audience see what they are doing? Maybe have it be something where you have to slap two big buttons a couple feet apart in quick succession.

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