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Umm, I don't really care about Ramadan. It doesn't really affect me other than I have a cadre of co-workers who aren't going to be having lunch with me. Christmas? Ehh, I still kind of like it, to be honest. Easter? I get those chocolate/coconut nests, so I ain't bitchin, much*.

If any of these groups (or others) decided I needed to agree with them on public policy? Oh yeah, I'd tell them they were fools to their faces. I haven't been to church other than for a funeral or someone else's wedding since before I could drive, sugar pants. If you get me in there again without those circumstances, they're going to have to be handing out free excellent weed and decent beer, and there's a good band playing. No fairy stories that don't include the previous libations as a requirement in all ceremonies will entice me to worship there.

Even then, it's gonna have to have a really good backstory that differentiates itself from the silly so-and-so created the universe - so he's awesome! stories. If he's awesome, whatever created him must really be the tits! I'll worship that as soon as you come up with a convincing story about that entity that also includes at least the previous sacraments, if you can include some good barbecue, it'll be even more convincing.

BTW: I'm not into dietary restrictions. If you've got those, this whole discussion is over. Fuck off.

So, I basically didn't make fun of Ramadan because I didn't notice. If you want to skip lunch, that's your business. If you're butthurt because someone didn't make fun of a particular religion, well I'd suppose you'd better start making fun of it, now shouldn't you?

*Ok, they deleted the jellybeans. I don't care that they never stuck and just rolled off. I feel cheated.