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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I don't know how Scotus would rule on that semicolon a case has been made to partially invalidate the 2nd Amendment based on a smudge that looks like a comma! (My best solution to the Axis of Evil on Scotus would draw a Warning.)

But the Dakotas would not be able to gerrymander themselves unless the R's got control of both Congressional houses.

Is my proposal "partisan?" Sure! Criminals have taken over the GOP and have declared War. It's foolish for Americans to ignore that fact. It's a delusion to imagine that "playing fair" has any merit in this subverted former Republic. Restore Democracy by whatever means necessary. Then we can talk about fairness.
Here's a state merger/break-up scenario I proposed in a thread last year, complete with silly names:

ND and SD = Dakota
ID and MT = Montanaho
VT and NH = Vampshire
CA = N. California & S. California
TX = E. Texas & W. Texas
NY = The City & Upstate

This would not universally benefit Democrats, although that would probably be the immediate net effect.
I'm not expecting any surprises.