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I recall reading a study several years ago in which “Eighteen drug and/or explosive detection dog/handler teams each completed two sets of four brief search scenarios “ and ALL the detection alerts were wrong – there were 225 alerts but none of the detected substances had ever been in any of the search locations (inside a church).

Animal Cognition
May 2011, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 387–394
Handler beliefs affect scent detection dog outcomes

I have had one experience with a drug sniffing dog search in a Las Vegas casino in the 1980s. Casino management had decided to put a stop to a couple of outdoor areas where casino employees sometimes congregated to smoke pot and management somehow managed to convince local authorities run the drug dogs not only around the smoker hangout but also around the hallway containing employee lockers.

There were over 1000 employees with lockers. The dogs alerted (surprisingly) on only one locker. The locker belonged to a cocktail waitress. The locker was opened and contained only two items – a chunk of cheese that she had brought for lunch and a pair of used pantyhose. No drugs were found.