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It is important when discussing the level of gun violence in the US to keep in mind the millions of guns that are purchased in the US every month that don't lead to mass shootings. Gun ownership is very popular in the USA. 2 to 2 1/2 Million sales, each and every month. You are not going to pull an Australian solution with these kind of numbers. I know that there are many posters on the Dope who do not seem to grasp these numbers.

Here is the official chart from the FBI criminal background checks, by month. Up to date as of the end of May this year. Of course each background check does not equal a sale, but it is pretty close for sales estimate purposes. Most people who are not supposed to buy guns will not get to the background check stage.

The 300 million guns in the US number is at least as old as 2008. And it continues at a rate of 2 million each and every month. This is an indication of the support for gun ownership in the US.