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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
By ragheads I was referring to members of the insurgency in Iraq/Afghanistan and ISIS. Glad to see you are standing up for the worst of the worst. This is generally what military members, which you are allegedly a former member of, mean. They don't generally mean muslims.

You are a damn liar. I happen to be a former member (technically, still am, what with me being on the retired list) of the military and that is not what anyone generally means when they use that ethnic slur. Let me put it in short words so the stupid (you) understand: They use an ethnic slur because they think people of that ethnicity are bad. There really is no higher calculus involved.

Originally Posted by Miller View Post
"Rag-head" is an ethnic slur, and its use on these boards as a pejorative is against the rules. This is a formal warning. Do not use this sort of language again.

Is it against the rules for me to hope that particular poster does do so again?

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post

First off, it's wiktionary, hardly the best source out there. Second, let's examine the entry you're referring to:

(U.S., U.K.) Popularized by the Gulf and Iraq wars. A term referring to the enemy, or any terrorist.
I'll address the last "assertion" first. Any terrorist? Yeah, that doesn't even pass the smell test. There's no way that terrorists such as the Real IRA would be called "raghead" by anyone. As to the term referring to "the enemy". That is true only in the case where the enemy happens to be~or perceived to be~Muslim. And of course that perception is based on ethnicity.

As I mentioned above, you are a damn liar. And so is your pathetic source.

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