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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
... Trump and co have severally damaged America at a structural level. They've gutted the Federal government, they've stripped funding, they've purged agencies and replaced them with loyalists. Biden has shown nothing in the last year to indicate that he understand the scale of what he needs to do to be able to deal with this.
No president has to fix the country on his or her own.

As monumental as the job of undoing Trump's damage is, it will be undertaken not by one person, but by many. All a president has to do is to appoint to his or her cabinet people who are smart, knowledgeable, effective, and decent.

You've offered no evidence that Biden is incapable of making such appointments.

I'm not a fan of Biden, but his numbers have been good for a while and remain good. At the moment he's the best chance we have of dislodging the rancid clown. Unless, of course, we decide to help the rancid clown by muddying the front-runner.

Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
... If people hold the opinion that Biden is unsuitable to be the next President of the United States then this is the right place to argue that.
Seriously, "unsuitable"?

It's a binary choice. It's Trump or the Democrat. Keep knocking down the Democrats until the one you favor is the only one standing, and you will have achieved the foisting of four more years of Trump (at least) on a world that never deserved such a fate.