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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I get your point about partisanship, but what would the other progressive candidates do to get legislation past McConnell's GOP Senate majority that Biden wouldn't?
If the Dems fail to win a Senate majority, they (and therefore we) are all screwed.

The nominee, whoever s/he is, will have to emphasize that if you're voting for her/him, you need to vote for Dems up and down the ticket as well, because it takes both a President and a Congress to make things happen.

But if the Dems get to 50 in the Senate, then things diverge. Some candidates (e.g. Warren, Inslee) are already out there, selling the notion that the filibuster has to go.
Others (e.g. Biden, Sanders) would keep the filibuster in place.

One plan needs 50 Dems to pass key legislation. The other plan needs 50-52 Dems plus 8-10 Republicans.

Mapped back to the Obama years, that means no stimulus, no Obamacare, no Dodd-Frank, etc.
I could be wrong, but I read his comments as a message to voters that if you want Washington to improve, we have to change the tone of the discourse first, and that maybe they should factor that when voting.
Again, recent history...

And yes, where possible, where political stars align, work together, or at least convince some fence-sitters to vote across party lines.
It's hard to see how the Dems come out of next year with more than 52 Senators. So we're talking about winning over the eighth most moderate GOP Senator. Go look up who that is, and how winnable s/he is, and how likely to go against Mitch.
I don't think Biden's under the impression that he alone can change Washington just by being nice and trying to back slap Mitch McConnell.
Unless there's a pretty large revolt within the GOP ranks, Mitch is the guy Biden will have to win over.

We've got plenty of recent history as examples to demonstrate the futility of all that you suggest Biden might have in mind. It comes down to: you're ascribing magical powers to this guy. He doesn't have any special sauce that will succeed where Obama failed.

If he comes out in favor of killing the filibuster, that would change the game: Biden would be a viable President, instead of a candidate consigning himself to failure in advance. But that's what it would take.