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Originally Posted by EinsteinsHund View Post
I think I see the problem: do you usually have removable showerheads? Because I have (and that's usual here), and when I turn on the shower I take off the showerhead, aim it to the bottom of the shower next to my body, balance the temperature and then take my shower. If the showerhead is fixed and you have to balance the temperature every time after you have turned it off, then I understand the dilemma.
It's not even the fixed head, as mine isn't fixed. It's that usually the only way to turn the water completely off is to turn either one giant nob all the way down to cold and then off (like a volume knob on an older car radio), or turn both the hot and cold knobs all the way down and off. There just usually isn't any way to turn the water off while keeping the temperature set.

That said, I have turned off the water completely while showering before--primarily when there is a shortage of hot water. I can shower in tepid water, but, if it crosses the threshold to cold, I can't keep the water on me but for a split second, not long enough to rinse off thoroughly. So I would do this if the hot water was running out, due to being the last one to shower.

(US soaps foam up a lot, so it takes more water to get it off. That's also why we rinse our dishes more than many others.)

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