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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Is that just that you face away from the shower when doing your hair, and tilt your head back like you're getting your hair washed at a barbershop? Because that's how I do it.

Though I do turn back around for the rest of my body. It's not the splashing that I don't like. I just don't like the sensation of water running over my face while my eyes are closed. I still splash water on my face to rinse off the facial soap.
Exactly this, especially about the "barbershop" method of shampooing/rinsing in the shower.

Where we differ is that I really only tolerate water on my face with my eyes shut. I find even plain water on my sclera and tear ducts uncomfortable, and I am a lot more sensitive than other people to soap/shampoo in my eyes. I do still soap up my face and let the shower rinse it off, but I do it with caution and I "overclose" my eyes while doing so (a really consciously-applied, tight eye closing/scrunching).