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Wedding ring: It's extremely clear that where he "Drops" her ring into the hanky is nowhere near where the "ring" he gives her to hold is. Pretty sloppy slight on that one, imo, especially in his day in age when anyone worth half their salt knows that move is coming. At that point, it's just about getting it from his palming to his shoe. Not much for me to say, as there doesn't seem to be anything to see. It just appears on his shoe in the first shot of his show after he has her "drop" the hanky. Which I am guessing is the misdirection to ensure no one is looking at his shoe. Pretty sure it's not there in the last wide shot before that. The mention of Ring Flight is a trick very much like this one. Dave Bonsall created one version that seems very well regarded, and to his credit. he actually essentially explains the trick on a promo video for the gimick he sells: - you can see that it's basically a clip on a reel - so I assume you extend the reel, up the back of your jacket, down your sleeve and perhaps it clips inside the cuff of your jacket until you are ready - than you clip the ring in your hand to it, release it, and it retracts to your back pocket on your keychain.

Penn obviously thinks he built a reel into his shoe and ran the line through his jacket and maybe also his pants in a re-engineered ring flight. They get busted on thinking it goes through his clothes. It COULD be as simply as him not running the line to his clothes. An invisible line straight from the shoe to his hand or the hanky could do it - but he did say they were "far away" from his method... he doesn't bend down, and the ring clearly appears on his show mid-trick - so he MUST have something that either "reels"/pulls the ring to his shoe, or otherwise transports it.

I just noticed something. Right before it first appears on his show, he prompts applauds - perhaps an audio cover? When he does this, he gathers the hanky with an odd hand-position of his right hand. Then he lays the hanky out suspiciously, then lets it dangle right over his shoe-top. This is almost certainly the moment of truth (that they air from a very wide angle that shows the move but also hides the appearance of the ring - I think they have a rule that they cut out an important move from the airing so the audience doesn't see the moment the trick occurs). He has some mechanism to transport the ring from his hand, behind the hanky, to his shoe. P&T certainly miss it because in a first viewing, they have no idea the ring will end up on his shoe, so they aren't looking for a move there. Misdirecting where the ring will end up means P&T are looking in the wrong place, expecting the wrong move - a clever strategy for this particular show. I don't think the ladder had ANYTHING to do with the mechanism other than allowing him to display his shoe in a more visual manner, and provide more misdirection.


Good writeup.

Two other little things I noticed: He takes the ring from the spectator while they're on the floor rather than on stage, he turns his back to the audience/P&T and seems to be doing something with the ring/hanky as they walk back onto the stage.

He doesn't hand them the belt when giving them the tearaway suit to examine, just leaves it with Alysson.

Penn's explicit guess was that the ring went through his clothes. There was a fooler who did a somewhat similar trick years ago who made a correct prediction written on a piece of paper appear in his shoe and P&T guessed that he sent the paper through the clothes but the magician got the paper into is shoe from below via a hole in the shoe.

Richard Bellars Fooler trick

Richard Bellars fooler trick method

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