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I just noticed something. Right before it first appears on his show, he prompts applauds - perhaps an audio cover? When he does this, he gathers the hanky with an odd hand-position of his right hand. Then he lays the hanky out suspiciously, then lets it dangle right over his shoe-top. This is almost certainly the moment of truth (that they air from a very wide angle that shows the move but also hides the appearance of the ring - I think they have a rule that they cut out an important move from the airing so the audience doesn't see the moment the trick occurs). He has some mechanism to transport the ring from his hand, behind the hanky, to his shoe. P&T certainly miss it because in a first viewing, they have no idea the ring will end up on his shoe, so they aren't looking for a move there. Misdirecting where the ring will end up means P&T are looking in the wrong place, expecting the wrong move - a clever strategy for this particular show. I don't think the ladder had ANYTHING to do with the mechanism other than allowing him to display his shoe in a more visual manner, and provide more misdirection.

Think at that point the ring in in the cloth, at the bottom corner that falls to his shoe top, the ring is tied to a piece of shoe lace, attached to a piece of steel. As it comes in proximity to his shoe it is attracted to a magnet.

Because of glints of light on his shoe it's hard to tell exactly when the ring is put there, but it is clearly after that point and before he approaches the ladder. So the ladder is entirely misdirection.

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