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Season 6, Episode 6 (July 22, 2019)

Jimmy Ichihana: Exact card cutting. Lots of moves here, too many to pin down, but impressive to watch one after the other. I thought Penn's reasoning was a bit of a cop-out, but apparently it all came down to "techniques" and "organization."

Sebastien Dethise: Herbert and Alyson the Duck (vaudeville-style routine). I've got to say, that's one talented and well-trained duck! According to Penn, there was a "pair of ducks" (one real, one not so much), but I watched the ending reveal a couple of times and I still have no idea where the fuck the duck came from.

Eric Samuels: Liar Magician (mentalist). Penn's explanation was simple enough that even I could understand it. There were 5 hidden (camouflaged) cards at the top of the board which adhered to the cards he stuck on top of them, and then he carefully turned both over to unveil TRUTH.

Rabby Yang: Rubik's squares (fooler). No clue how this was done, but then again I could never solve one of those cubes either. I thought an earpiece/backstage assistant would have been too obvious; I would have loved to know what Penn's own personal guess was. (Maybe he'll reveal it on his Sunday School podcast?)

Teller: Trace the face. Nice clean illusion, any idea how it was done? Double-paned glass?

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