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Originally Posted by cluck View Post
Season 6, Episode 6 (July 22, 2019)

Sebastien Dethise: Herbert and Alyson the Duck (vaudeville-style routine). I've got to say, that's one talented and well-trained duck! According to Penn, there was a "pair of ducks" (one real, one not so much), but I watched the ending reveal a couple of times and I still have no idea where the fuck the duck came from.
I think you're confusing two statements. There are two ducks, imo - one doing the boxwork and one always waiting in the briefcase for the final reveal.

As for the comment about two things on stage seeming the same but being different, I don't think Penn meant the ducks. He said the trick relys on the audience assuming a second thing is identical to the first one he shows the audience. I assume Penn means the two boxes - He shows box 1 to have a hollow bottom when he holds it up; I suspect box 2 where he puts the duck and it vanishes is gimicked in some way to allow him to fold it up and contain the duck in a secret compartment of some sort, and thus not the same as box 1 as the audience assumes.

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