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Originally Posted by TheHYPO View Post
This is a great catch. I totally misunderstood (and maybe that confuses most spectators) - I understood she was asked to manipulate the faces, not just rotate the cube. That really limits the impressiveness.

Still, skill or not, I didn't find this trick to actually be very entertaining in terms of performance regardless of the magic.
It is an interesting point. He does an example for her of what he means by "turn it" behind his back - which we can't see - so it is quite possible for him to have made it explicit to her that he meant full turns of the cube whole the audience was given to understand it to be something else based on their expectations and the ambiguity of his words allowing them to go down the wrong path.

Otherwise, yeah, I would probably have to go with....

Frickin' gyroscopes!

I'd be curious, for anyone who listens to Penn's podcast, whether he guessed correctly.