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Josh Farley: Crossword puzzle contortionism. I must be feeling very gullible today because all these tricks baffled me. I have no idea where the lady went, how the kid (short panda) got in the box and stuck his hand out the top, or how the lady wound up at the table at the end (replacing the taller panda, who I guess ducked under the table). Penn referred to the dollhouse illusion, which seemingly has the person sitting in back of the box with legs tucked inside the table, which seems like an impossibly tight fit.
AIUI, pretty much all tricks involving stuffing poles, swords, etc. through a box containing a person are done using a box with a larger interior than apparent to the audience, plus a slender and limber "assistant" (who really does most of the difficult work) moving around inside. If that's the case here (and I don't see why it wouldn't be, though I agree the box is constructed so well that it seems impossible), then the panda switch might be easy to explain: at the start of the trick, the panda DJ is a female assistant who looks and dresses like the one who gets into the box, except that she's wearing a pull-away panda costume overtop. And also at the start of the trick, there is a panda costume hidden in the box. So when the female assistant gets into the box, besides getting out of the way of the sliding blocks, she also dons the panda costume, ready for the big reveal. Also at the big reveal, the panda DJ momentarily ducks down behind the table and rips off her panda costume.