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Originally Posted by Lare View Post
Except that Teller was standing next to her, handing her the pens and could have been quietly (for want of a better term) "leading" her with subtle suggestions like "Don't forget his shirt?"

As to the shspe of his head, if you're looking straight on at someone through a glass pane and I tell you to draw/trace their features, the shape of their head on the drawing is a pretty forgone conclusion.

This is a variation of what mentalists often do where they have someone draw something that (mostly) matches a prepared drawing.

But I don't know and was offering a potential solution with the qualifier that I was going by memory with no way to check, so...
I will put this to bed by saying that someone on reddit already did an overlay and they aren't "kind of the same". They are basically identical other than the replica was a bit thicker in line weight meaning some gaps in the original were filled in on the replica.

Penn and Teller are the big leagues, and know they are going to end up doing this on TV. They are not going to do a trick that relies on an audience member to follow that kind of cue with that kind of precision. It is absurd to me that you would think they would do a trick with that kind of failure point - all it takes is a notably different choice in face shape and the trick is in the garbage. This is NOT the method. Period. The end.