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Top 5 Best Selling Beers In America

1) Bud Light
2) Coors Light
3) Michelob Ultra Light
4) Miller Lite
5) Modelo Especial


The beer snobbery around here can be a little over-the-top, but damn.

I generally LIKE traditional, mass-produced American lagers, both "budget-friendly" brands (Pabst Blue Ribbon, which I have been drinking regularly in Salt Lake City since the late 1980's, long before it became "Ironically Hip", and other similar brands like Rainier, Hamm's or Stroh's) as well as more expensive mainstream offerings like Budweiser (NOT Bud Light) or Coors Banquet (NOT Coors Light) but I guess light beer is clearly where the money is at these days.

As for Modelo, that is a shocker, as if I had to guess a top selling Mexican import I would have for sure picked Tecate or Corona.

But after reading that, I am more happy than ever to be here in beautiful Krakow, where the local Polish piwo is excellent, crisp and clean finishing, with a kick like a Mormon Mule (no 3.2% Blues around here) and when I want to do something a little different for a change, a 1/2 liter bottle of imported German Spaten, Czech Staropramen or Slovak Zlaty Bazant is 75 cents at the local version of 7-11, and even less than that at a supermarket.

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