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Originally Posted by batsto View Post
Well, the only one generally on speakerphone is the wife, who knows I'm almost certainly in the car alone. Every now and then I may have one of the kids with me, but this is almost exclusively me calling her on the way home from work.

And if I disconnect the aux port from the stereo, and just put the phone directly on speakerphone, she can suddenly hear me just fine. But because of road noise, I can't hear her that well through just the phone's speaker, which is why I prefer the stereo speakers.

And it's *always* her that can't hear me. I can always hear her. Any idea why she's always the one with the problem? The only difference is that she's on bluetooth and I'm not. But if she calls her sister in her own car, with both of them on bluetooth, there's no problem. It seems to only be my phone to her phone, when we're both hands free in the car.
My guess is that when you plug into the aux port that the built in mike on your phone gets shut off. You may need to use a cable like this.