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I was probably the one that started the thread about the shower poufs. I work in a dermatology office, and the numbers of people we see with skin infections from something as innocuous as a shower poof is amazing to me. Of course, the humidity is very low here much of the time, and skin gets very dry, which makes it more susceptible to infection, so maybe we get more infections that less-dry parts of the country.

So many people think it's silly to worry about germs all that much, but I look at it like this: I call around 10 people every week to notify them that they have a bacterial infection of the skin. There are 7 other people in my office that also do this. We are only 1 office in 1 town. Maybe we do more bacterial cultures than other doctor's offices? I've worked in an urgent care and a primary doctors, and it was like this at those places, too.

There's lots of bacteria running amok out there! Sure, it probably won't kill you, but I've seen some very unpleasant non-fatal effects of pathogens. Going to the infectious disease specialist every day for several hours of IV antibiotics for 6 weeks or more would really cramp my lifestyle.

And don't even get me started on viruses, molds, yeasts, and fungi.

If my husband worked in a prison, which can be a hotbed of bacteria, I'd wash my clothes separately, before his, and disinfect the washer after his. His in hot water, and a hot dryer should be enough.