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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Well, there's a Tesla service center literally a block away from my work, so if I run into any issues I won't even need a loaner. As compared to my BMW where the closest center is in a different city.

As for outside repairs, I'm only talking minor cosmetic issues which wouldn't be covered under warranty (you were replying to the "perfectionist" comment, after all). Minor paint orangepeeling and the like aren't a functional issue and wouldn't bother me, but in any case that stuff can be fixed.

Tesla is in the process of creating a fleet of mobile repair vans which will be able to do minor jobs at your work or home. Not sure when they'll achieve full US coverage but I hope it'll scale with Model 3 sales.
are you even listening to what you're saying? "They're in the process of creating mobile vans for minor repairs". What about major repairs? This isn't some small issue, it's a big deal if there aren't any places to take the car for repair.

It's great that you're willing to overlook a bad paint job but fanboy loyalty isn't going to travel far for the vast majority of consumers.
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