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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
That's a good point. Reading through the comments in those links, there's quite a few people who are strident in their view of, "I don't care how many rattles or how much wind noise there is!
I don't have infinite patience for build defects, but the advantages of an EV (and in particular a Tesla) can make up for a lot. All gas cars have the gigantic noise defect of their engine. A bit more wind noise is acceptable if the total noise level goes down.

Like LSLGuy said, fit-and-finish stuff deducts "points" but isn't necessarily a make-or-break. Charge at home is +50 points. EV feel is +40. Minimalist interior is +30. Slower road trips are -10. Minor rattles -5. From my perspective, quite a lot of stuff would have to suck to make up for the known advantages.