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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Against, say, a Bolt, the Model 3 has better range (in the extended model), fast charging (340 mph), the new interior, better looks (IMO), better body style (again, IMO; I prefer sedans), and so on. But it loses (probably) on fit and finish, ease of service, and a few other things.
Bolding mine.

I totally want one of these. It can still charge while going 340mph! That'll get me to work in ... hmm ... 7 minutes. Sold!!

Seriously ... I think you've hit on a useful formulation. Bad because different is a dumb way to evaluate anything. Its far smarter to treat each as a bucket of plusses and minuses then tot them all up.

I've said before my obstacle is entirely that absent forcing legislation which ain't gonna happen here in FL, there's no way my condo will ever retrofit power for chargers to our parking spaces. So I either move to new construction or a single family house or drive an ICE UFN.

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