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This is double-funny. I actually thought DSeid had muffed his units & I was making a (friendly) joke at his expense.

Turns out the joke is on me and he meant that it charges at a rate of 340 miles (of incremental range) per hour (of charging). That totally went over my head. Whoosh!!
OTOH, on that basis my ICE can charge at a rate of about 300 miles per 5 minutes or 3,600mph. Take that Mr. Musk! Sounds to me more like you sell a Slow-poke Charger. Hur hur!!

Another slightly funny anecdote along these lines is that at the end of many workdays I fly right over my house enroute to my base airport. I've timed it and from overhead my house to touchdown is right at 10 minutes for the typical traffic flow and wind conditions. From touchdown to starting the car is about 40 minutes and from starting the car to parking at home is 50 minutes of mostly freeway driving if no traffic. So the trip takes 10 minutes one way and 90 the other. If I could get a 340 real mph car (ICE or EV) maybe I could drive to home quicker than I now fly away from home.

Agree about the rest. I really enjoyed the what-if.xkcd on the cross-section of gasoline mileage. Which I can't find just now. Maybe it was only in his book.

Strictly, 340 miles (of incremental range) per hour (of charging) isn't miles/hour. It's got some other units munged in there but I'm too lazy to work them out just before bed time.

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