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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
I've always liked expressing common things in unusual but equivalent units. It leads to useful insights--it really is the case, assuming you have a 40 mile commute, that it only needs 7 minutes of Supercharger time to charge for that trip.

It vaguely annoys me that EV efficiency isn't measured in Newtons. A Model S uses about 300 W-h/mile. That's equivalent to 671 N, or 68 kg in Earth gravity. Which is of course the combined force on the vehicle (aero, friction, resistivity, etc.) when traveling at the rated speed.

Also, a 30 mpg car should be rated as 0.078 mm2. That's the area of a thread of gas the car needs to "eat" as it travels down the road.
I can see why you're an ardent Tesla fan.