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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
So you've been predicting the end of Tesla for longer than they have been a publicly traded company. Since the IPO in 2009, the stock price has gone up by 18 times. The total market cap is about two-thirds that of Toyota, even though Tesla has sold as many cars in its history as Toyota sells each month.
If the car company was properly funded then why did they ask for money down on a car that was nowhere near ready for mass production? They were going to go bankrupt if they didn't going public.

Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
For all of Tesla's problems, if you were my investment adviser and told me to short Tesla eight years ago, you would have been fired a thousand times over and run out of town on a rail. So like the hobo who wanders around town with the sign, "The end is near!" I acknowledge that you only have to be right once, but you've been wrong for an awfully long time.
show me where I've been wrong on Tesla's ability to deliver on what they promised? One example will do.

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Pardon me, but this sounds like nonsense. What company turns a profit on sales due to capital infusions? Capital infusions are generally for facilitization and things like that, not to recoup margin on sales.
They're burning through cash and they've yet to produce a car in quantity. Explain how that works? How much money did they take in on pre-orders? All I've heard is excuses for the greatness of Tesla without any thought given to the reality of the undertaking.

If anything I've understated the level of failure that's occurred in the past and is occurring now. This is Tucker all over again only this time nobody is trying to bury Tesla. They're doing it to themselves.
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