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Originally Posted by swampspruce View Post
Magiver said something that's been giving me food for thought. Where do you go to get serious repairs done? The thing is what about a Tesla aside from the driveline, or warranty, would require anything but a "normal" car mechanic? The suspension isn't radical, body work is body work, and if it's a dead battery or motor problem a mobile repair crew or shipping to a repair facility is a possibility.
I have a Subaru, as do many others here, and the nearest dealer is 300 km (180 miles for you holdouts), away. When my co-worker's 2015 WRX died, SOC flat-bedded it to the dealer at their expense.
I'm presently waiting on parts for mine due to my wheel playing not so nice with a curb after the first snowfall here and bending suspension bits so I'm acquainted with the pitfalls of lack of dealerships nearby.
Electric motors are generally super reliable, and the batteries appear to be so as well. So is the lack of a repair facility nearby that critical, really?
Also, mechanics rated to work on hybrids can realistically fix a Tesla for the most part. There's a youtube channel I follow where the host tore down a Model S to the frame and rebuilt it. For the most part, it's pretty plug and play. You just unbolt and remove failed modules and bolt in the replacement modules, and if you have the special Tesla software that they are legally required to publish to mechanics in some states, the car will just tell you what the error codes are. And the error codes are extremely accurate - Tesla has 2 way digital communication with every important system in the model S, and each module is self-diagnosing.

Basically the main things that require Tesla specific knowledge are :
a. The correct procedure to not risk electrocution. All hybrids and EVs have high voltage power sources.
b. How to actually read the trouble codes, how to reflash the body control module and other critical modules
c. Where to get parts.

(c) is actually the big problem. Right now, Tesla are being dicks and will not sell their high voltage components to anyone but their own mechanics. This will probably change but that is the present situation.